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manufacturing process improvements

How to Make Process Improvements to Your Manufacturing Production Lines

Process improvements in manufacturing can mean different things to different people. When some people think of process improvements, they may remember their experience going through the Six Sigma or Kaizen approach to implementing lean manufacturing principles into their production floor. For the team at mHUB Hardtech Development services, process improvement means finding opportunities to innovate…

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manufacturing trends

Five Important Manufacturing Trends In 2021

In 2020, 60% of US manufacturers experienced disruptions to their operations. The pandemic shed some light, and intensely, on the shaky foundation of the global supply chain and opportunities for the US to take back certain segments of manufacturing. While painful, these disruptions encouraged the industry to move faster, innovate harder, and show resilience in brand…

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innovation spectrum of hardtech product development

The Innovation Spectrum: 3 Approaches to Innovation and Product Development

Innovation can look very different company to company, but there are thematic methods that an entity chooses to follow, largely dependent on their risk tolerance and available resources. When it comes to product development, supplier innovation follows the particular demands of the markets being served; where the macro-trends and specific customer needs determine which approach…

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circuit boards pictured to demonstrate an example of hardtech product development

What is Hardtech?

The time is now for hardtech to dominate innovation and move companies developing hardtech to the top of the food chain in terms of influence, growth and disruption. Think Tesla, Apple, Peloton and SpaceX – all creating unique hardware products that are changing the landscape of realities much in the same way digital disruption has…

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